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Cellulite treatment

Weak connective tissue, weight gain, aging – there are a lot of factors which contribute to the occurrence of unsightly cellulite in the thighs and buttocks. Approximately 80-90% of all women get “orange peel skin” at some point. Crèmes, massages or hot/cold sequence showers fail to help in most cases.

By contrast, the complex treatment that I offer at my office is highly effective. It’s an holistic approach consisting of 3 stages:
– for preparation the body needs to be detoxified and de-acidified
– after that an herbal product is injected and applied to the affected areas during a few sessions
– for retreatment the “dermakey” is used. This newly developed device measures the
bioregulation-impulses of the patient. Individually adapted impulses are given back to the body and help rejuvenate the skin

Effect: Visible reduction of cellulite at the treated areas.
An improvement of 30% is immediately visually noticeable

Duration of a single application: approximately 40-60 minutes (a couple of sessions)